Secondary School News

Honeoye Central School District: May 15, 2021

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A Message From Mrs. Klaehn

Greetings from the Ridin'-Hy Ranch in Warrensburg, NY, where I am lucky enough to be spending the weekend with 24 of our soon-to-be graduates and a handful of chaperones on Senior Trip 2021. As I write this, it's long before 8am, and we have kids fishing on the lake and sitting in Adirondack chairs, drinking coffee and cocoa as the sun rises over the mountains.

Trying capture the feeling I have in words, I am at a loss. "Grateful" doesn't seem powerful enough to describe what I'm experiencing, because I dare say this feels somewhat normal, whatever that means anymore.

This is probably the second-to-last newsletter of the 2020-21 school year, and I continue to be nothing but proud of our students and staff as we have embraced the many unknown challenges that loomed over us in the fall.

Please read through the information below, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend!

Warmest Regards,

Addie Klaehn

Secondary Principal

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Middle School Assessments

We're down to the final 6-8 exam, which is our 8th grade science written. Please see information below:

  • 8 Written Exam administration on 6/7-6/8

    • Grade 8, Cohort 1 on 6/7 and Cohort 2 on 6/8

  • Science 4 and 8 Make ups on 6/9-6/10

100% Remote students are not required to sit for 6-8 assessments, however any 100% remote students who wish to come into the building to participate in these assessments are invited to do so. We simply ask that you notify the appropriate office in advance.

Per recent communication from Superintendent Ashton, should families choose to opt students out of grade 6-8 assessments, we must have a written and signed letter from a parent/guardian prior to the exam. This cannot be done via email. Please send the letter in with your student or mail it to HCS.

Regents Exam Communication

This is a recap of the letter that was recently sent to all students in grades 8-12 regarding Regents exams. Please read carefully!

Students in grades 9-12 will be taking the Regents Exams listed below, none of which will be calculated as part of a student's average. If a student receives a passing grade in a course that ends in a Regents exam, the student will earn a credit exemption and will receive that exam waiver toward their graduation requirements. Exam waivers for graduation requirements will also be given to students whose final grades in each course that would have ended in a Regents exam is passing.

  • June 17: English Regents (Students in English 11/AP English 11)
  • June 22:Living Environment
  • June 23:Algebra 1
  • June 24: Earth Science

This letter was mailed home to all students taking Regents Classes last week:

For the 2020-2021 school year, New York State has scheduled four Regents exams (Living Environment, Earth Science, English Language Arts, and Algebra I) and the World Language Checkpoint A & B exams in June 2021. We understand there might be some confusion regarding the requirement of these exams. The Honeoye Central School District wants to be as transparent as possible regarding June 2021 state testing. Students who have earned course credit will receive exam exemption. Please note:

  • HCS has decided not to administer the Checkpoint A & B (LOTE) exams; all students who have earned credit for these courses will receive exam exemptions.

  • Students who have earned course credit have two options when it comes to test score reporting:

  1. Have the “EX” placed on their transcript to note the exemption

  2. Notify the counselor to have the test score placed on their transcript in lieu of the “EX”, no later than June 30, 2021

We are strongly encouraging all eligible students (i.e. those who will earn course credit) to sit for their scheduled exam(s). Many students who were exempted from exams last year due to the COVID-19 shutdown have never sat for a Regents exam, and this would be an opportune time to see what this process is like.

We ask that 100% Remote students wishing to come to school to sit for exams reach out to their teachers to make arrangements.

Students who have not earned course credit for one or more courses offered in summer school will be recommended to attend. Students who earn passing grades during summer school will also earn an exam exception for August of 2021, which will be placed on their transcripts.

Summer Job Opportunity

Pactiv Evergreen Inc. located at 5250 North St Canandaigua, NY, currently has summer job opportunity for students 16 and over. We are currently leading manufacturer and distributor of fresh foodservice and food merchandising products and fresh beverage cartons in North America and certain international markets. It supplies its products to a broad and diversified mix of companies, including full service restaurants and quick service restaurants, foodservice distributors, supermarkets, grocery and healthy eating retailers, other food stores, food and beverage producers, food packers and food processors. See flyer below!
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A Message from the US Department of Education

I am sharing these resources from the USDE Office of Civil Rights.

Confronting COVID-19-Related Harassment in Schools — a fact sheet for students and families. You may find this resource in the Race and National Origin Discrimination section of Education’s Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR) Reading Room, in English, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, with additional translations expected later this month.

District Calendar Input

District Office is exploring the prospect of eliminating the printed district calendar for the 2021-22 School Year, as it is typically set in the summer and then printed and distributed to staff and families in the fall. As such, there are often changes that are made throughout the year which make the districted calendar inaccurate.

Still, given that this would be a change from previous practice, we would like input from our families surrounding this change. If you feel strongly that the printed district calendar should be kept or eliminated in favor of a digital calendar, please complete this survey by Wednesday, May 19th. Thank you!

Spring Awards

As shared via Parent Square recently, Spring Awards will be presented to students during the school day the first week of June. We will compile awards and names, as well as photos as often as possible, in digital format to share out with families.

100% remote students will be presented their awards in classes when they are remotely present, and we will make arrangements to have any awards for 100% remote students picked up or mailed home.

Although guidelines are constantly changing, we have already planned for and begun awards in this format, and changing course at this juncture will disrupt instruction and is not and effective use of time. Any graduating seniors who have won awards in 2020 or 2021 will be recognized at graduation, during their "senior bio".

As a district, we look forward to celebrating all student future achievements at a traditional ceremony in 2022!

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