Memo ~ Summer Edition!

For that "stuff" that just can't wait for August

Money Matters

As we enter our 2nd year, it's important for our budget plan be able to support our learners' projects. Teresa Vandeloo has reached out to our grade level teams in hopes of having each team communicate an approximate budget allocation requirement per project.

We do have a budget ceiling, but I am able to request more funds based on need through our donations account. However, the process is much different this year as I must make those requests up front. It's challenging for our front office team to make decisions/approvals about ordering supplies when we don't have the overall scope of expenditures in mind.

It's my understanding that the 9th grade team will use 5 of the 6 projects developed for last year with refinement of those 5 projects happening. I know that the 11th grade team ordered some Science supplies at the end of the school year in anticipation of this year's needs, too. 2nd and 3rd year English novel orders have been submitted as well as an art supply wish list.

Please take some time this week to consider consumable supplies for both projects we've done before as well as any supply needs for changes or a new project. I have a request to communicate this information as quickly as possible. Please update me on Friday on where you and your team are with regard to a per project estimated budget status.