John Fletcher

English Poet


John Fletcher was born on December 20, 1579 in Rye, England. His father was an Anglican minister who became chaplain to Queen Elizabeth and eventually became a bishop of London. Fletcher was educated at Cambridge where he started his poetic career. After he graduated he spent most of his time in England writing plays. He was in the King's Men and eventually became leader after Shakespeare died. These people helped John with his plays and John helped others with theirs. It was said that he helped Shakespeare on a couple of his plays.

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The Humorous Lieutenant

The Humorous Lieutenant was created in 1619 and is published in many books throughout the world. It is said to be one of Fletcher's most famous plays which is why I chose this piece. The plot focuses on the love between Demetrius and Celia, who turns out to be the daughter of a king. The king does not want his daughter to marry a lieutenant he only wants her to marry a prince which brings forth problems for Demetrius. This play focuses on humanism because it focuses on the love between two people and tests what they're willing to do for love.

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