Griselda's Puerto Rican Quinceañera

Help Us To Celebrate Griselda's Significant Day!

Religious Aspect

3 Main Symbols:

1. Bible- first thing given to the girl, fancy and decorative, covered in fancy materials, symbolizes the importance of God's Word, given to the girl when the pastor/priest decides it

2. Flower Bouquet- same color as the dress, it is left at the altar by the girl

3. Tiara- indicates that she is the princess, the daughter of God, minister will talk about the crowns mentioned in the Bible

Other Symbols Sometimes Used:

Perfume- represents prayer, veneration, and aroma of God

Umbrella- same color as dress, represents protection of God

Shoes- father or guest of honor helps girl put them on, flats white and heels color of dress

Watch- worn on left wrist, represents time spent with God and that he is coming and she must be prepared

Decorations, Reception Accessories, Music, and Food

A Quinceañera, also referred to as a fiesta de quince años, typically commemorates the fifteenth birthday of a Hispanic female. There are a multitude of cultural aspects integrated into these monumental and historic events, including those related to decorations, reception accessories, music, and foods associated with this festivity. Puerto Rican Quinceañeras feature extravagant decorations that include balloons, paper adornments, theme specific center pieces, bouquets, decorative banners, and all other theme oriented and appropriate ornamentations. These decorations are typically vibrant in color and obtain a variety of unique and ornate designs that typically correspond to the colors specific to the Puerto Rican flag and culture. Reception accessories specific to Puerto Rican governed Quinceañeras typically entail tiaras, jewelry, confetti and festive paper products sporadically distributed among the reception venue, a large theme appropriate cake, as well as ornate drapery and unique centerpieces and flower bouquets. The music integrated into these dialects of Quinceañeras typically serves to embody and personify the Puerto Rican culture, featuring songs such as "Balada para Adelina" and "Cuento de los Bosques de Viena." Puerto Rican Quinceañeran music typically entails genres that include the Waltz, Salsa and Flamenco. The variation of music integrated into the festivity typically dictates its classification and theme. Arguably the most prominent aspect of a Puerto Rican governed Quinceañera is the food provided and featured throughout the duration of the festivity. Customarily, a variety of traditional Puerto Rican foods including various meats, rices, seafood-governed dishes and mixed salads are present within these celebrations accompanied by beverages that include Piña Coladas, tropical fruit punches, and other traditionally Puerto Rican refreshments. Each of these aspects, when considered and coherently implemented into such festivities, justify not only a Puerto Rican Quinceañera, but the culture and customs specific to the region as well.

Fashion, Accessories, and Tradition

Guest: the guest dress in formal attire

Ball gown: The birthday girl wears a very full and elegant ball gown usually in vibrant colors.

Tiara: It is the crown that the young lady wears to indicate that she is the princess, the daughter

of God. The minister will talk about the crowns that are mentioned in the Bible.

The items below are optional.

Three Roses: One closed button, one half open, and one completely open. They represent her

infancy, childhood, and current age respectively. Each flower should receive a special mention

during the religious act, although this ritual can also be performed at the reception.

Perfume: A nice small decorated bottle. It represents the aroma, prayer, and veneration of God.

Umbrella: It should be the same color as the dress. It represents God’s protection.

Shoes: If possible, the flats should be white and the heels should match the color of the dress.

The father or the guest of honor helps the young lady switch shoes. This tradition is celebrated

in the church as well as the reception.

Watch: She has to wear it on her left wrist. It indicates the time dedicated to God and also

serves as a reminder that God will arrive and that she has to be prepared. However, in other

cultures the godparents give this gift to the Quinceañera during the feast.

Ring or Cross: Should have a diamond or a stone of her choice. The ring represents the infinite

circle of God’s love and has to be worn on the right-hand ring finger. When the ring is given the

Quinceañera may read a verse or sing a song about the promise made to God. The cross

symbolizes faith in Christ.

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Invitations, Gifts For Members of Court, Party Favors

The Quinceañara invitations express Puerto Rican culture and also show the Griselda's style. The invitation is sparkly and is the same color her dress will be. They also include pictures of the birthday girl.

For the quince court, the Quinceañara usually gives a nice gift to thank them for being a part of her big day. The girls on the court usually receive gifts such as a bracelet or necklace. The boys usually receive a personalized cuff link or tie. For Griselda, she will be giving the girls matching earrings to wear on the big day, and she is giving the boys matching ties to wear.

The birthday girl will give her guests a party favor to commemorate their experience. Some party favors often given out are key chains, religious figures, candles, or sometimes just a thank you card. Griselda will be giving everyone a thank you card as well as a picture to help them remember the night.