Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

New info says you can use Nuclear Fusion as an Energy source

Dr. Gwen O'Blancy

Dr. Gwen O'Blancy is the scientist along with her team that has discovered the secret to how to use it as an energy source. Finding this crucial information was incidentally found while doing heat and cooling testing. The scientist were drying to figure out why heating and cooling effect energy. We also need to better understand that nuclear fission is the splitting of atoms and nuclear fusion is the combining. We have learned to combine the very different subjects to understand this better.

What's the Secret

The secret is the securing bond that adheres the atoms. What we have found out is that immediately after the bond it formed it needs to be sealed with very cold air. Two reactions need to happen first the heat and pressure but then the cold bond. This also helps to strengthen the bond and decrease the risk of explosions. This is because of the different bond cold air preforms. We are now doing further testing to help us understand more about this subject.