Barnett's Art Room

Fine Art Classes: Art 1, Art 2, Sculpture 2-4

Issue 8, Volume 1, End of Year 2014

Message from the Editor

I know what you are thinking. School is over, so why am I still receiving this art newsletter? You are receiving it because I wanted one last chance to show off the amazing work your young artists and their friends have created over the last 2 months of school.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say this has been a wonderful year. I think it has been my best year yet at THS. I enjoyed getting to know all of my students. The learning that has taken place in my room this year was awesome! Not only did my students learn and become better artists, but they also were teachers. They taught each other (and me as well) and for that I am grateful.

I will miss everyone over the summer. I wish my seniors (I guess they aren't seniors any longer) all the best in whatever the future holds for them. I hope those returning have a wonderful and restful (and maybe art-filled) summer. I look forward to those returning to my classroom in the fall.

Have a wonderful summer, and thanks for supporting our young artists!!!



We learned about radial balance and created our own faux cloisonne tiles. One of the students' favorite projects every year is the cloisonne project.

Illustrated Cinquain Poems

In honor of National Poetry Month, students wrote cinquain (pronounced sin-kane) poems then created illustrations for their poems. It was a great interdisciplinary lesson.

Block Prints

Students learned to carve a material in order to create a block for block prints. Most students used an animal for their subject matter. We mounted them in a way to mimic the work of Andy Warhol.

Final Artwork: Mixed Media Collages

The art 1 students had one last artwork. We created monoprints using tempera paint and water. From there, we talked about surrealism and some things that make for good composition. Students were to collage, paint, draw, or whatever they felt necessary onto their monoprints to add depth and interest, and perhaps a touch of the surreal, to create a mixed-media artwork. The art room buzzed for the last 2 weeks of school with so much conversation, collaboration, and creativity--it was awesome. I loved it, and so did they.

ART 2: Painting and Drawing

Altered Books

We spend a most of April creating altered books. The students picked a theme and went to town. They picked media and worked from jumping off prompts to get them going. This is one of my favorite artworks of the year.

The Famous Rhino Project

The final artwork in Art 2 was the rhino project. Students were to create a rhino out of their choice of subject matter. They wanted their rhino to have unity and not look like it was cut out of the middle of a poster--the items in the rhino make up the rhino shape through placement and creative editing. They had their choice of media on the project.


All over the Map

We worked on a ton of projects over the last couple of months. Beginners created carved slabs, ceramic shoes, additive texture forms, and slab boxes. And, everything got glazed. Here are a variety of the ceramic pieces.



Umlaf Sculpture Garden

Intermediate and Advanced students took a much needed field trip to Austin the the Umlaf Sculpture Garden. We all had such a great time. The students loved seeing and touching the artwork. I was glad to be able to bring them there.

Class Totem

Over the last month, each student created a totem piece that represented who they are. As a group they made decisions on the look of the pieces because they knew it had to have unity when put together. I am glad to have a piece of each of my students to keep forever as all but one of the intermediate/advanced sculpture students were seniors.

There is one more piece that needs to be added to the final totem; And, the students asked me to create a piece to represent me and to create a "2014" to add to the piece. I am honored they wanted me to be a part of their totem.


The subject matter of work from students may at times be edgy or controversial. I do set limits on things that are not appropriate for the learning environment, while still letting the students have a voice.