Virtual Library

Resources for Teachers

Curriculum Support / Professional Learning


Ministry documents and curriculum documents

Resources across the curriculum (Example: )

Culturally Responsive Practices

Differentiated Support

Latest Professional News/Learning: (Example: )

Blog for teachers to share and collaborate (or could be a twitter feed)



Web 2.0 Tools

Edmodo :-)

Wikis, Blogs, Social Bookmarking

Latest Apps


Suggestions for classroom use

Tutorials to support teachers in using technology (there are great youtube videos)

OSAPAC Software


OERB - Ontario Educational Resource bank

Online Resources for Kids

School Library Catalogue

I know our library catalogue should be accessible from home, however, I found difficulties finding the link. In my Virtual Library, students would be able to search the library catalogue from home, and place holds on books that are of interest to them.

I found it!

Interactive Library

Online Student Support: Research tips, how to properly cite work, online resources such as student friendly search engines and databases, e-resources like Britannia online etc, helpful websites that provide additional support in various subject areas i.e. math, language arts, language development, etc.

Digital Citizenship

Students, Teachers, Parents, can review and recommend books using Shelfari

A blog or some type of library wish list that students can post to.

Virtual book discussions - students can post and respond to one another (books like Wonder, Touching the Void, Number the Stars etc. provide material that can lead to rich discussions and evoke student opinions and critical thinking)

Public Library Links

I would include links to a variety of libraries. Different libraries offer varying access to e-resources and in many cases you do not have to have a library membership to access those resources. This also connects students to events and activities related to reading, literacy etc. throughout the GTA. Embedded into the website would allow students to search and remain in the virtual library.

Brampton Library

Mississauga Library

Toronto Library

Online Books

Example of sources for online books

Access to a variety of online books

International Digital Children's Library

Nook Books: Teens

Nook Books: Kids

Student created online books (creating a podcast of them reading the book - this works great with bilingual books as students can listen to the English version and follow along in their own language)

Online Magazines

There are a host of online magazines. These links include some suggestions:

These lists may be very American - but its a starting point.

Student Publishing, Competitions, etc.

There are a variety of sites that publish students work, both hardcopy and online:

Stone Soup

Teen ink

Young Writers of Canada

Poetic Power



Tips for parents

Help with homework

Early Literacy

Post workshops that parents can attend (perhaps monthly or several times in the year)

Access to board resources and information (parents are often unaware of things like -special education committee and other spaces where parents can have a voice)

English language support for parents who are newcomers