Jennifer Lopez

Hispanic heritage month project by Kyndal Payne


Jennifer Lopez is a very successful at everything she does. She is an actress, dancer, singer and so much more, this has inspired people across the world. Jennifer Lopez is the first Hispanic actress to get paid over 1 million dollars per movie she stars in. One of her greatest achievements was being the first artist to have a number 1 album and movie in one week. She was also said to be the favorite Latin artist in 2011. Jennifer Lopez has been a very sucessful women. She has even been given the chance to be a judge on american idol.Jennifer Lopez is very close with her family and has even flown all the way to Puerto Rico. She did this to find even more about her family history.Jennifer Lopez inspires every one from not drinking or smoking to having multiply albums.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Lopez is an actress, author, dancer, singer and much more! She was born in New York, on July 24 1969. Jennifer is half Puerto Rican.

fun facts!

- Jennifer named both kids after the main character in Dragon Tales.

-she started dancing and singing at 5 years old.