Three Blind Mice!


Three blind mice story!

Just three days ago, a farmer prosecuted 3 mice of a misdemeanor. The farmer thought that they stole some cheese from him at least three times. After the 3rd time, the farmer wife decided to cut the tails off of them. The next day, the police arrested the farmer's wife for animal abuse. The farmer witnessed the whole thing so he was given a subpoena. The defendant was held in jail with out bail. They were brought forth to a judge and a grand jury because the case was at too high of a level for the Petit Jury. The 3 mice attorney tried to appeal the case when they lost in the district court.They couldn't hire a lawyer, so the state gave them a public defender. As the court started in session the farmers wife had to swear a perjury. The judge informed of the wife of her indictment. After a long time, the judge came to a verdict. If the Farmers can pay a small fine and the mice were moved to a new area as a arraignment, the wife would be acquitted.