Computer 2 Technologies

9-12 Grade


This year in Computer 2, we will be introducing several new technologies that will bring students, their parents, and the instructor closer than ever before. Dropbox, a cloud storage solution, will be used to store all of our class notes. Did you miss class? Simply log on to our class Dropbox account and download the notes that you missed for the day. We will also be using Skype this yr during class. With so many people involved in after school and out of school activities, it is hard to keep everyone together in class. Skype will allow us the opportunity for students to join the class via video conference to make sure they are able to keep up with the class on days they miss. Finally, Google Hangouts will be used this year as well. Hangouts is an instant message program that will allow parents and students to send me as well as each other messages after class in case they have questions. Students can use Hangouts to create an after school study group or to ask each other or the instructor questions as they arise.
So as you can see, Computer 2 is full of technologies to make you everyone is able to keep up with the coursework regardless of how busy they are. Dropbox will help students and parents keep up with all class notes and handouts. Skype will allow students that are missing class to join the class video conference so they do not get behind. Google Hangouts will be used to bring the class together and allow correspondence after class.