Dreams • By Langston Hughes

Faith Goodson

T ~ Title

Maybe the poem is about someone having a dream or a dream that someone has.

P ~ Paraphrase

Hold on to your dreams, because they might mean something in life.

C ~ Connotation

Like a bird with a broken wing- when you forget a dream it's sad or, like a broken winged bird, it can't fly. Or a barren ( no crops, or empty ) field.

A ~ Attitude/Tone

The tone is sad because it uses the words like barren field or, broken-winged bird.

S ~ Shift

The poem doesn't really have a shift. It just has the same feeling (sad) the whole poem.

T ~ Title

The title is dreams, because the poem is talking about keeping dreams


don't give up on your dreams, because if you do, it's a broken-winged bird (sad) or a barren field.