New York

Why This Is The Place For You

Our History

As you all know, New York is a beautiful colony that was founded in 1626 by the Duke of York in addition to other colonists on Manhattan Island. Clearly seen by the colonists, we were important in fur trade and with the help of the patroon system we became an important agriculture resource.
Our government is a Royal Colony ruled by officials responsible to the reigning sovereign of Great Britain as well as administered by a royal governor and council appointed by the British. We are very fair to the people having a representative assembly that is elected by the people. On top of that, we are a very tolerant colony and welcome all and diverse religions.
Also although there may be similarities between New York and Holland thanks to Peter Stuyvesant, in 1664 the British army conquered what was New Amsterdam and renamed it New York, in honor of the Duke of York putting New York well on its way to prosperity.

Come start your new life full of success and opportunities here in New York!