District Beats

Who are we and what do we do?

Come and visit our grand opening! District Beats is a company dedicated to bringing you the music you want. We have our own store London which is where our opening day will begin. We've got a whole day planned for anyone who wants to pop along.


10:00am - We open for the first time! From here until closing time, everything 25% off.

11:00am - Our coffee shop opens for business!

12:00pm - Lunch time! Children under the age of fourteen eat half price!

2:30pm - Karaoke time! Record your singing on a CD and take it home for free!

3:20pm - Free refreshments offered including biscuits.

4:45pm - Karaoke time! Record your signing on a CD and take it home for free!

5:30pm - Normal time until end of day.

6:00pm - End of day.

Why should you visit us? What do we even sell?

Even if you're not looking for any music to buy on our opening day, you could browse just for the sake of it. Make sure to bring some spare cash along with you too, just in case.

Now, I don't think we've made it very clear on what we actually sell. For starters, we offer a broad range of music CD's from a variety of decades and categories to suit everyone's tastes. If we don't have one that you're looking for, you can order it on our website or make it yourself. Yep, you heard right.
On our website, you can download and burn tunes onto a CD for a fee. There's a maximum of fifteen songs per CD though. If you don't have a computer at home though, or you don't know how to do it, come down to our store in London or call us to find out how to do it. On the other hand, you could come down to our store where there are computers provided for you to burn music onto your CD, and staff at hand to help you if you're stuck.