HaiDong GumDo

Korean Way of the Sword

Adapts to any fitness level!

In HaiDong Gumdo, we learn a series of stretches, cuts and leg stances, which are then combined into a number of forms. There is no sparring. If you would like to improve your balance, coordination, concentration, confidence, stamina or strength, then HDGD is for you! Come check it out with no obligation.

For adults and teens 12 yrs and up.

Sundays 7:00-8:00pm at STM Gym

September Special: 4 classes for $25! (Sept 6, 13, 20, 27)

Regular Drop-in: $12

Regular Family Rates:

1st member $40/month

2nd member 25% off - $30

3rd+ members 50% off - $20/month

What to wear?

Uniforms are awesome, but optional.

You may come in loose fitting gym clothes that allow freedom of movement.

Optional Fees

Uniforms (Tobok): $128.95

wooden sword (mokkum): $38.95

sword bag: $26.00