Welcome CTAE Instructors!

Helpful Hints and Information for Fall Semester 2014

General Reminders

Welcome to Fall Semester 2014! I hope you had a great summer!

Check Course Roster
When you login to TheSIS, you should be able to view Section information for your course(s). Please check your section listings daily and send welcome emails and make welcome calls to new students.

Sending Emails via TheSIS

It is recommended that welcome emails and course update notices be sent through TheSIS. By doing so, your communication will be documented in the Communication Log and students will receive an "official" email notice with the GAVS Logo. In the event of non-functioning emails, you will receive notification via your GAVS Gmail account. For more details on sending emails and notes in TheSIS, click here.

Release Grades

As students enter your course, make sure to release their grades so that students and parents can view your feedback and grades as assignments are completed. If you are not familiar with this process or need a refresher, click here to view a tutorial video.

Apply Release Conditions for News Announcements
D2L (now referred to as Brightspace) group names have been updated so teachers can easily identify section numbers when applying release conditions. Release conditions are great to use as you post announcements for various sections. For more details on applying a release condition, click here.

Weekly Announcement Emails
Each week you will receive a weekly announcement email. The email is typically shared on Thursday afternoons. Please access and read the email which will include important information and upcoming events reminders. If you did not receive the weekly announcements for the Week of July 28, please contact me and I will forward you a copy of the newsletter.

Teacher Checklist

The Teacher Checklist document was shared in the CTAE/Electives Edmodo group. The checklist includes a list of duties you will need to perform during the fall semester. If you have questions about any of the items on the checklist, please communicate with me.
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Utilizing Edmodo

It was determined during the Winter 2014 Professional Learning Symposium (PLS) that one of the CTAE/Elective goals would include using Edmodo more. As you think of general questions that might benefit the CTAE/Electives group, post the inquiry in the CTAE/Electives group so the answer can be viewed by other instructors.

I also recommend you join additional groups to obtain information on best teaching practices and other products and tools used by GAVS instructors. For more details on the current Edmodo groups, access the Teacher Forum and click on the Departments tile.

Quality Assurance Specialist

The Quality Assurance Specialist assigned to our department this semester is Ms. Allison Goggans. Her email address is allison.goggans@gavirtualschool.org. Ms. Goggans will conduct monthly formal evaluations of your course(s) this semester. Please copy her on emails that involve student concerns.

Helpful Resources

The Teacher Forum, Teacher Toolbox, and Mentor Minute Archives provides valuable information that will assist you as you perform your instructional duties. Please take some time to access the resources from the main home page during the upcoming weeks.

Adobe Connect Video Resources

Attached is a list of linked video references created by our Instructional Technology Team. The videos will provide instruction on using Adobe Connect.

GAVS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Chapter

Georgia Virtual School (GaVS) started an online chapter of FBLA in 2012 and we are hoping the chapter will continue to grow during the 2014-2015 school year. Mrs. Kelli Robinson and I are the FBLA Advisers for the GAVS Chapter. I will share information with you soon as it relates to an interest survey to share with your students.

July 22 Faculty Meeting

If you did not get a chance to attend the July 22, faculty meeting, click here to access a recording of the meeting. After viewing the meeting, email a brief summary of what was discussed and I will update the attendance record to reflect that you viewed the recorded session.

Contact Me

Do not hesitate to communicate with me if you have questions or concerns this semester.