Renewable vs nonrenewable

Learn about the two

Renewable resources

Renewable resources are thing that can be replenished by nature like trees,Grass and oxegen so we dont need to worry about running put of renewable energys.

Nonrenewable resources

Nonrenewable resources are things that we can use up one day like nuclear fuel,plastic,and coal all of those will run out some day.
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We are letting you this so you know the difference and know what to do to preserve all the nonrenewable resources.

Types of renewable resource

Biomass is organic matter used as fuel. Solar energy in energy by the sun. Geothermal energy is heat from the earth. Wind energy is like turbines its powerd by the wind. Hydropower is like dams powerd by water.

Types of nonrenewable resources

Fossile fules are things like coal and gases. Nuclear energy the energy released during nuclar fission or fusion.