February 1, 2016


*Kudos to Gary, Jama, and Marcia for helping to cover classes on Tuesday in a pinch!! You are all awesome!!

*Kudos to all the K-2 teachers for being willing to receive feedback on their guided reading lessons. Your willingness to have a growth mindset and be reflective on your instruction will allow you to help your kids achieve at a higher levels. You are to be commended for your hard work and dedication to our kids!

*Kudos to Myrian and Rosy for making adjustments in their schedules to help support Kindergarten students at a higher level! Way to go girls!!

*Kudos to Moshe and Todd for helping to move Sherri and Eli. Thanks for your help and support with this task to enhance parent communication!



The new teachers had a great discussion over breakfast on Wednesday. Randy facilitated the meeting and discussion on parent communication and everyone left with a list of great ways to communicate with parents from our veteran teachers. (Thanks Sarah, Shelley, Jan, Julea, Shannon, Joy, and Stacie for imparting your wisdom!)

The new teacher group will be meeting once of month the rest of the year to delve deeper into the Career Teacher's Handbook to help them better understand the TAP rubric. The schedule is listed below:

February 26th – Instructional Plans, Student work, Assessment.

March 29th – Learning Environment.

April 29th – Standards and Objectives, Motivating Students, Presenting Instructional Content, Activities and Materials, Questioning, and Lesson Structure and Pacing.

May 18th - Academic Feedback, Grouping, Teacher Content Knowledge, Teacher Knowledge of Students, Thinking, and Problem Solving.

Thanks for your willingness to meet at 6:30 a.m. on these days!

What do you do when your pants are ripped to shreds? You problem solve and use special bus tape from Mrs. Overton! 😂


In order to facilitate parent communication, Eli has moved to the front office area next to Jen and Sherri has moved to Eli's old office. This is a great move for all and will help support parent involvement and communication. It will also provide Sherri with confidential space since she handles the money. Thanks girls for your great suggestion and "making it happen" to help improve our communication!


February 1: Cluster 7:05-8:05 a.m.; Cluster 3:10-4:10 p.m.; IREAD, Happy Day Club

February 2: Boy Scouts 3-4 p.m.; Child Study 3-4 p.m.; Chess Club; IREAD; Reading Camp for 2nd Grade Begins; Reading Nonfiction Conference with Probst & Beers - Angola- Katrina Out

February 3: IREAD; Window E Planning; Administrative Cabinet Retreat - Katrina Out with Julea, Kristy, and 4/5 Team

February 4: TLT 3:10-4:20 p.m.; IREAD; 5th Grade Spelling Bee 1-2:30; Master Teacher District Interviews - Katrina Out in p.m.

February 5:

February 8: Cluster 7:05-8:05 a.m.; Cluster 3:10-4:10 p.m.; PBS 3:15-4:15 p.m. IREAD, Happy Day Club

February 9: Boy Scouts 3-4 p.m.; Chess Club; IREAD, Reading Club; Leader in Me Book Study dinner at Essen Haus - 4:30-6

February 10: Kindergarten Parent Valentine Luncheon; Staff Meeting 3-4 p.m.

February 11: NO SCHOOL

February 12: NO SCHOOL

Window D: 1/4-2/12


This week in TLT we continued to focus on the post conference and how to coach each other. During the next evaluation window from February 1-February 26, we will be observing each others post conferences in order to give each TLT member an area of refinement and reinforcement. This will help to to strengthen our post conferences and support each of you. So, we are in the "pair up window for post-conferences from 2/1-2/26.


Please keep Alison Witmer in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to struggle with migraine headaches.

Please keep Jama's father in your thoughts and prayers!

GCS News & Notes

Today’s Focus: Sustained Excellence

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”
– Booker T. Washington

Reflections to Guide Your Journey

Think about a task that you do on a regular basis. What could you achieve if you approached this task with an unconventional idea or process?

How do you encourage others to be innovative?


Administrative Cabinet Retreat next Wednesday, February 3, 9-noon in the board room. At noon (you will be served lunch)

head principal retreat will begin and go until 2:30.

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