The Roar - Emma Clayton

Zoe Southerland

Ellie's Vacation

I chose for Ellie to go to the Highland Wildlife Park because Ellie loves her monkey Puck so I think she would love to go to a place full of wildlife.

What is Ellie carrying with her?

I imagine Ellie would be carrying a journal because I thought Ellie seemed like a girl that would want to keep her memories but in a different way than technology, and she would enjoy observing a tiger and writing details about how it looks, her monkey Puck because Puck is her best friend and she would never leave him, and a bag of nuts her and Puck could share because in the book it states that Puck dug around until her found a nut, and that is telling us that he likes nuts.
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What does Ellie looks like?

In the book it says that Ellie has long dark beautiful hair and deep brown eyes, so I did my best to search for a picture of what Ellie would look like.