Mrs. Atterberry's News

May 13, 2016

No More Homework!!!!!

We finished up our homework for this school year. I am so proud of how hard the kids worked and how proud they were of advancing to read on grade level. :) We know have some time for fun activities and our post tests for 4th quarter.

S.T.E.M Projects

We will be doing S.T.E.M. projects throughout the last few days. We will be needing donated items to complete these projects. If you can donate any of the below items we would greatly appreciate it.

  • sandwich bags (tuck and fold style)
  • aluminum foil
  • waxed paper
  • paper plates
  • plastic shopping bags
  • foam trays
  • twist ties
  • pipe cleaners
  • wood dowels, 2-4 ft. long
  • PVC pipes
  • twine
  • string
  • fishing line
  • paper towel or toilet tissue tubes
  • empty soda cans
  • wire coat hangers
  • clothespins
  • modeling clay
  • paper bags
  • newspapers

Field Trip to Bennett Springs

We had a great time on our trip. Thank you to the parents who came. It was so helpful to have adults there to help with all the kids!


Wednesday, May 25th - Attendance Party Celebrations

Thursday, May 26th - Last day of School (1/2 Day)

Monday, June 6th: Summer School begins

The Great Attendance Party

All students who have 90% attendance or higher for the 2015-2016 school year or 95% pr higher from April 1st to May 25th will get to attend the attendance celebration. Tardies also count against a students attendance.

Can your child read this?

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Letters of the Week - A,E,I,O,U

We are reviewing vowels this week. We are discussing the 2 sounds each vowel makes, long and short.
The Long & Short Vowels Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden
short e and long e

Contact Information

The easiest way to keep in contact is through Class Dojo. If you need information about signing up for Class Dojo notifications please contact me and I will assist you with getting access. Also, please make sure we have updated phone numbers and emails on file so we can keep in touch. Thanks!