Summers' Scoop

January 4, 2016

First Friday Inside Out Service Project - January 8, 2016

Winter Hat and Glove/Mitten Collection

We will continue our focus on showing kindness inside and outside of the walls of Lake Murray Elementary with a First Friday “outside” service project. On January 8, 2016, we will hold a collection drive for new winter hats, gloves or mittens. All sizes from toddlers to adults are needed.

Please consider having your child purchase one of these items to bring in on January 8. All collections will be donated to local organizations assisting those in need during the upcoming winter season.

Changes in our Class After Winter Break:

1 - The amount of reading each night will increase from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

2 - Tests and quizzes will be read over, but then your child will do their tests and quizzes at their own pace, without me, slowing them down and making sure they are following directions, etc. This is a tough lesson for some kids to learn. If your child needs help reading a question or a word, of course, I will always help but they HAVE to raise their hand for me to know they need help!

3 - Timed mixed multiplication quizzes will begin on Wednesday of this week.

4 - I will no longer be signing agenda books every day! I will sign IF your child has "clipped up" and they ASK me to sign their agenda. I will sign agenda books of kids who "clip down."

Classroom Needs - Thank you!

Thank you to Jack, Tanner, Trey, Mya, and Averie for bringing in pencils and cap erasers for our class! We appreciate your help!

Multiplication Quizzes

Students have been prepared and are ready for their multiplication quizzes. Thank YOU for helping your child study on a daily basis for these fact fluency quizzes. Don't forget about using as one way to study multiplication facts.

Next Quiz:

January 6 - Mixed Facts Quiz*

*Mixed Quizzes will take place every Wednesday starting in January. Many students have trouble with mixed quizzes, so please study all facts in order to be ready for the mixed quizzes.

Math Update

We will continue with Chapter 6/Multiplication and Division Patterns in Math. Much of this chapter is a review of the operations of multiplication and division, so we will move quickly through the lessons and combine lessons where possible. We will be wrapping up the chapter with a test by the end of the week.

ELA Update

This week in ELA, we will continue with identifying main idea and key details of passages. Students will be using the main idea and key details to summarize informational texts. We will be wrapping up our study of main idea and supporting details as well as non-fiction text features by the end of the week with a test.

Our class will continue our grammar study this week as we learn about verbs. We will continue to talk about nouns and adjectives as well.

Science Update

We are moving on to a new topic of study this week - matter! Chapter 6 in our Science Textbook is a long one all about matter. This will be our last unit of study together before we start switching classes with Mrs. Starkey to learn more about life science.

Social Studies Update

This week, we will be learning all about the American Revolution in Chapter 5. This will be an interesting chapter as we read about some of the heroes who played an important role in the American Revolution and South Carolina History. There will also be a few places in this chapter which might make for a fun family field trip!

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, January 7 - Inside Out with Kindness Day

Friday, January 8 - Fabulous First Friday - Inside out Service Project

Friday, January 15 - No school, Professional Development Day

Monday, January 18 - No School, Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday