monochromatic landscape

golden gate bridge 2A


My project is the golden gate bridge and is painted red


The Golden Gate Bridge was made in Jan,15,1933.The golden gate bridge was made to make travel over the area very easy and also the bridge was made of full steel and the location is California,sanfrinsisco .


The Golden Gate Bridge was made with full steel and was a long flat metal platform that was held up by metal supports .The metal supports are attached to metal wire that runs along the bridge.

Personal responce

I chose this project because it seemed at the time the only monument that knew really well and would be a good looking one in my mind.The bridge was beautiful and looked nice over the ocean and would take up a good amount of space including the pillars and wires would also help with taking up some space wile leaving a space for water and the sky.I put rocks so it would look more beautiful and show that the bridge starts at the start and not a random part of the bridge and this is my personal resonce and why I chose this landmark.


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