The 6 food groups that teens need

Why Do Teens Need These Six food groups?

These six food groups include, fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, oils, and dairy. These six groups will benefit a healthy life style if you eat the right amount of these foods in these six groups. Teens need these to stay healthy. If they do not eat the right amount of the foods in these groups, they usually eat other foods that have no good nutrition.
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One example is fruit


Eating fruit is important to a healthy lifestyle. You can eat fruit in any meal. Fruit is a big part of breakfast. Drinking 100% fruit juice is a good way to start your day. There is multiple ways to use fruit in a good breakfast. You can put cut up fruit in your cereal, you can put blueberries into pancakes, you can put fruit into your yogurt. Eating fruits without anything is also a good idea. Eating fruits like, strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, kiwi, etc.


Eating fruits with lunch is also a very good concept. You can eat fruits with salads, eat yogurt with fruits in them or just eat fruits plain with your main meal. It doesn't really matter what types of fruit you eat but you can chose from multiple different fruits that you like.


Typically, families or people sometimes don't eat fruit with dinner. Usually just eating fruits as snacks or at lunch and breakfast is enough. But fruit at dinner is also a good idea. You can mix fruit in a salad, add fruit to create flavor to meat, or cook the fruit. Pineapples usually are good to flavor ham, you could also use fruit to flavor other meats as well.

If you just want to eat fruits and other healthy foods, you should tend to buy more fruits and healthy foods then junk food. If you spend more money on healthier foods, it will be easier to eat more healthy foods than eating junk food.

Why teens go to non-healthy food instead of healthy food

Teens decide to choose over non-healthy foods instead of healthy food because the non healthy foods are addicting and it is hard to stop eating them. If teens want to start eating healthy, they need to start making goals and have the right mind set especial if they are addicted to eating non-healthy food. It is alright to eat non-healthy food once in a while but you need to make sure to are eating the serving size and are not getting addicted

Healthy foods

Non-healthy foods