Flu Shots


Flu Totals

More than 150 children died due to flu in 2015

About 80 Million people get the shot every year

During recent flu seasons 80% of the death have been to people 65 or older

Fun Facts about the Flu

Scientist believe that flu pandemic occur two or three times each century

The first possible influenza epidemic may have occurred in Europe as early as 1173

Each year, an average of 5% to 20% of the U.S. population contract the virus

There are three different flu viruses — Influenza A, B, and C.

Why the shot is important

It is important to get the vaccine just to make sure that you wont get infected with the Flu

Flu may cause

  1. Several days of high fever and vomiting
  2. Dehydration

There are few treatments for it so the best way is to just prevent it

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