Drunk Driving Awareness

Angela Roach 1/1916 Period 7

Why I choose Drinking and Driving as my topic

How can I make a presentation that raises awareness about drinking and driving? I selected this topic because it had a personal connection to me. Imagine you had a knock on the door. It was the police. They tell you that your child, sibling, grandchild etc. had died in a drinking and driving accident.

Facts about drunk driving

Nearly 75% of dunk drivers involved in car crashes are not wearing their seat belts. In 2006 more than 40% of drunk driers involved in fatal crashes were speeding. Somewhere between 50% to 75% of drunk drivers have had their license suspended or have gotten their license taken away permanently.

Some Extra Facts

"Baseball is like driving, it's the one who gets home safely that matters." -Tommy Lasorda. I think this is a great topic. I think that by choosing this as my topic I am getting much closer to the topic then I already am. I feel that everyone should not drink and drive, people who drink and drive don't just put themselves in danger but whoever is in the car.