We are Learning & Having Fun in K-1

Welcome Back, HAPPY 2016!

What We Are Learning...

Welcome back! We were all happy to come back after a restful vacation.

This week we started learning capital letters. Please remember that when making letters, we should always start from "the top".

In Math, we have started to learn how to subtract (take away, minus). We are doing a great job using manipulatives, acting it out, and drawing a picture to help solve number sentences.

In Writing, we wrote about our goals for the new year, as well as how to be tolerant. We also working in centers making our very own "Elmer" and learned about winter birds. These writing center also incorporated our Social Studies topics.

On Friday, Mrs. Glassman pushed into our class. She did a nice lesson on friendship with the kids. Ask them about it!

Worth noting...

Happy Birthday Khloe & Sophie!

Great job as Star of the week, CJ! (and thanks to big sis Adriana for reading to us!)

Congrats to Ryan for receiving our Character Award this month!

Bits & Bobbles...

  • We use Brain Breaks often in the classroom. They are structured activities that are great to use when the kids just need to get the wiggles out. They are also good to use before doing homework, or if you need to break up your assignments. You can see another example below.

  • Please check your child's folder every night

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, (PLEASE) label any and all money (in an envelope or baggie with your child's name) coming into the classroom. This is exceptionally important for lunch money. All it takes is "two loose lunch monies" to get mixed up.
Elmer the Elephant
Walking Song