This Week in Room 108

Weekly Happenings in Miss Quaresima's First Grade Class

October 12 - 16, 2015

Dates that Rate

October 12 - 15 Titus Fall Book Fair

  • October 12 - Room 108 Visits the Book Fair!
  • October 12 - Family Book Fair Night 5:30 - 6pm
  • October 14 - Family Book Fair Night 6 - 8pm

October 12 - 16 Celebrate Education Week

  • October 12 - Math Games in the Dining Rm 9:30 - 10:30am

October 14 Home and School General Membership Meeting 7pm

  • All parents are invited to attend! Childcare will be available!

October 15 Fire Prevention Assembly

October 21 Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

October 30 Halloween Parade 1:30pm

October 30 Halloween Party 2:00pm

October 31 Happy Halloween!

Don't Forget!

Tuesdays - Bring your library books back to school

Fridays -
Wear your sneakers for P.E.

Box Tops - Keep sending in your box tops! The October winner will be announced at the end of the month!

Book Fair

We are so excited to have the Scholastic "Monster" Book Fair at Titus this week! The book fair runs from Monday through Thursday and this year we are featuring two Family Nights at the book fair! The book fair will be open on Monday from 5 - 6:30 and again on Wednesday from 6 - 8pm. Come out and get a chance to win one of four book fair raffle baskets!

Classroom Volunteers

We love volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, please let me know your availability by the end of this week.

Current Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Journal Writing
  • Mystery Readers
  • Clerical Help

Additional grade level opportunities will be announced as needed.

Thank you for your help and support of our classroom.

In School this Week...

Word Wall

The Word Wall is a great writing tool in our classroom. I do not expect the students to memorize each word wall word, but they do need to be aware that the words are on the wall, so they can use them as a reference when writing in the classroom.

Please practice these words with your child at home.

This week's word wall words are:

all, friend, had, here, or, when

Shared Reading

In reading this week, we are reading the story, Eat Your Vegetables. Our phonics focus this week will be identifying the short u sound in words. Our shared reading focus this week is asking questions before and after we read. We will be making “I wonder…” statements, sharing what this book makes us wonder more about. At the end of the week, we will identify the main idea and the details that support what the book is mostly about.

Ask Me About:

This we will learn that vegetables are good for us. Ask me to tell you some veggies that are good for your eyes, hair, and skin.

Everyday Math

In math this week, we are looking forward to playing math games in the dining room! Look for the math game directions to come home in your child's backpack.

Later this week, we will practice exchanging pennies for nickels and will solve addition and subtraction number stories.

We'll be wrapping up unit 2 at the beginning of next week!

Ask Me About:

Ask me to play the Penny-Nickel Exchange Game! Have me explain how many pennies you can exchange for a nickel.


In writing we have been using mentor sentences to share what we notice about sentences. We have taken sentences from books we read during Shared Reading and have worked to notice details about these sentences. The students have practiced cutting up and rebuilding these sentences in order. We have also practiced revising sentences in order to add more descriptive words and phrases.

This week we will practice noticing the "Good Writer" traits of the sentence, "Vegetables are good for you." We will identify what the sentence is about and will explain what the sentence is telling us about vegetables.

On Friday, the students will work to create their own sentence about something that is good for you. Look for your child's mentor sentence paper to come home in his or her green assessment folder.

Ask Me About:

Ask me to explain what it means to write a 5 Star Sentence, then have me write a sentence that shows all five stars.

Social Studies

In social studies this week, we will be completing our unit about rules at home and school. The students will identify a rule at school and why that rule is important.

Ask Me About:
Ask me about a rule at home or school. Have me explain what would happen if that rule wasn't there.


In science this week, we will use what we learned about clouds last week to create our own cotton ball cirrus, cumulus, and stratus clouds. We will match the definition of each cloud type to its name.

Later this week we will learn how to use magnifying glasses as we begin our Collecting and Examining Life unit.

Ask Me About:

Ask me to tell you what type of clouds we could see on a bright sunny day. (cirrus - light and wispy or cumulus - big and puffy)

Computer Resources


In your child's homework folder this week, you will receive a letter with your child's XtraMath log-in information. This website is a great resource for your child to practice basic math facts. All students will start by practicing addition facts. When the students master those facts, they will move on to subtraction facts.

Please make XtraMath part of your child's math practice at home. I encourage your child to use XtraMath at least two times each week.

Everyday Math Online

Later this week, your child will bring home his or her log-in information for the website Everyday Math Online. This website provides great at home resources. You can find "Do Anytime Activities" to help reinforce the skills and concepts your child is learning at school. You can also find online games that your child can practice on the computer (these may or may not work on tablets and iPads). To find the online games, go to "Games & Practice" and scroll down to "Online Games." Please note that the games will sometimes open in a new window and hide behind other windows. Your child may need help navigating the online games site.

Have fun practicing math skills at home!

BrainPop Jr.

The Titus Home and School association has purchased a one year license for BrainPOP, which is a very interactive online source for virtually every subject and topic associated with our elementary curriculum. We are now able to access BrainPOP, BrainPOPjr, and BrainPOP Español for both home and school.

In First Grade, we use the BrainPOPjr site at several times a week. Please visit the site with your children at home and encourage them to tell you about the activities we've completed in school.

Login: titus

Password: tigers

Here are some videos pertaining to what we have been learning recently in first grade:

Reading Nonfiction

Make Predictions

Parts of a Clock

Basic Adding

Counting Coins

Columbus Day

Types of Sentences

Check the Computer Lab Links page on our classroom website to find more fun learning games your child can practice at home.