Adding and Subtracting Decimals

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How to multiply decimals

First you have to count how many numbers are behind the decimal. Then you multiply as you normally would and then once you come up with the answer you move the decimal however many times there were numbers behind the decimal. Finally you will have an answer, see that was not that bad. Don't get it? Watch the video below.

How to divide decimals

First you must find the two numbers you will divide you will normally divide a decimal from a whole number. You once again pretend that the decimal is not there and divide as normal. Then once you are done with that step just bring up the decimal from the place it was. Don't get it? Go to the link below for a visual.

Why is multiplying decimals important in real life?

Let's think well you may ask why do I need to know how to multiply decimals. Well you might be in a sticky situation in the grocery store for example I wanted to buy some carrots and they cost 9.89 each and I wanted to buy 5 carrots. How would I know what to do? Multiplying decimal is a fast, easy, and simple way to find prices easily. So next time you ask yourself the question just think.

Why is dividing decimals important in real life?

You might ask yourself this question as well. Let's think about it maybe there was a sign in the local farmers market that said lollipops 10.99 a pound, well maybe you wanted to only buy a half pound. See instead of sitting there for a while just thinking you could easily divide the price in two. Dividing decimals is a critical skill in life.