The rules of Curling

The first rule is ONLY 4 people on each team.

The next rule is you have a captain called skip

You get 8 stones

Only go 6-10 rounds

Stay on your imaginary line you make to you and your captain the skip.

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How to crul

You need a broom which you will use to bring your stone to the target.

Keep your hips and shoulders square.

squat down and stay square.

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How you win the game

how you win the game is you have 8 turns for each try and the one that has the most by or on the target won the game.
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What you need

The things you need are a broom,a stone,and only 4 people on each team.
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Some fun facts

Curling is a world wide sport people play in competition and to have fun.

Another fun fact is

There are 1.4 million crullers in the world and 1.2 of them are in Canada that is half of the crullers in the world.

Another fun fact

The winning team buys drinks for the losing team which is weird because usually the losing team buys the drinks.