I'm dreaming of a white, Christmas

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Toasting to our Good Fit Books!

As I mentioned before in an e-mail, we will be taking Tuesday morning 9:45-10:35 to pick one of their favorite Good Fit Books they have read so far and share with the class. I can't express how impressed I have been with our Good Fit Talks every Friday! Each student will be able to share about their books (characters, setting, genre, favorite part) and then come back and pick out a piece of toast, put it in the toaster, and pick out their favorite spread. At the end we will say "cheers" to all of our hard work in reading so far! (Again, this is going to be very informal, but if you are around and are interested in coming to hear these toasts you are more than welcome to join!)
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A Fun Sing-Along

The kids are so luck to have Mrs. Reuteler in the afternoons helping out. She got out her ukulele and provided a Christmas sing-along at the end of the day Friday! (Those that aren't pictured are behind me dancing! :)

More Sing-Along Fun

Wednesday's School Sing A-long:

12:30-1:15 Please join us for the annual Christmas Sing-Along in the gymnasium! You are welcome to take your child after the concert AFTER WE GET BACK TO THE CLASSROOM. If you plan on this, please come meet your child at the classroom and make contact with me that he/she is heading out!

Teaching Soft Skills---Interesting Article

This has been a topic of discussion for awhile here at the school, and something I personally believe to be SO IMPORTANT. It's not just the core subjects in school---we have to give them the tools, resources and skills for social interactions. We personally have Nicole Garbers to thank for all she does for our students to teach them social skills that make kids a successful adolescent and adult. I can't praise Nicole enough (and our school can't thank her enough!), if you ever have any concerns about your child don't ever hesitate to reach out to her! Enjoy the article!
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A Peek at this Week

Monday: Music/PE

Tuesday: Library/ Friends

Wednesday: Music/PE ---specials will be cut short due to Sing Along

Wednesday we will be starting with Christmas Bingo, watch a Christmas movie and go right into lunch and specials!