It Can Be Done (Africa)

Barbara Joyce

It Can Be Done (Africa)

It Can Be Done (Africa) is an organization is based off helping African villages. They aim on helping religion, health, and overall wellness of the unfortunate people of Africa. It was founded in 2006 by a woman named Barbara Joyce. They do various projects. For example, right now they are doing a water project.

The Water Project

Hundreds of thirsty kids beg for water, day in and day out. With all volunteers, they traveled to an African school and installed a 100,000 liter water system with pumping clear and healthy drinking water. The looks on the kids faces is the reason these volunteers do these jobs, because they love helping people.

Sam Walton and Barbara Joyce

Sam Walton and Barbara Joyce are similar and alike in many unique ways. Barbara and Sam are both focused on helping people and making life easier for people who struggle to get income and a break. In my opinion, Barbara Joyce is more inspiring because she does it for the reaction and not for the money. Though on the other hand, Sam Walton persued the ability of being a billionaire and fulfilled his dream