HVHS Term 2 Week 5

Newsletter 4 June 2021


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Talofa lava, malō soifua

This year's theme for Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week 2021 is Poupou le lotoifale. Ola manuia le anofale, which means strengthen the posts of your house for all to thrive.

Our week started with three senior students teaching staff some simple phrases and words - it is no easy task leading 100 staff - the students did well. Colourful ie lavalava were seen around the school on Wednesday when Samoan students wore their traditional clothing. Black lavalava is already part of our everyday uniform.

Winter sports are well underway, and I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate our high achievers. Students who have earned a sports badge or sports tie from their participation at a high level in their chosen sport. I have handed out many awards in the past few weeks, and it is so heartening to have so many students involved in sport. One of our school goals is Perseverance, and I know that playing a sport requires persistence, patience and practice - the 3 Ps.

Our 1st XV have been learning about the hard journey of rebuilding our rugby name and team. Firstly, by honouring the school's rugby past. Secondly, by putting in hard mahi over many months. Thirdly by being part of a growing rugby community of coaches and supporters. The team enjoyed a memorable day playing in front of the 1st XV team from 1971 on Saturday. Their play, sportspersonship and challenging school haka made all of us watching from the sidelines very proud. Critical in all this is that team members have learned that practice is required, even when they may prefer to spend time doing other things. They have learnt that the harder they work, the better they perform. They also have discovered that by never giving up, they are more likely to achieve their goals. Most importantly, they are learning that there is no 'i' in the team and that everyone needs to step up and play their part for the group to function well. Top sportspeople will tell you that they are often judged by their attitude and behaviour off the field as much as on the field. It is pleasing to see our students transferring some of what they are learning in sport into other aspects of school, be it the way they wear their uniform, the way they are inclusive of others or the leadership they model around the campus. Well done boys.

I know not all students are sporty - some of you are in Kapa Haka preparing for regionals or are a member of one of the rock bands who competed at rock quest or are a performer in a drama group who completed a show recently. These clubs and teams are just as important as joining a sports team; the 3 P's are required to succeed there too. However, these activities differ in one way. There is not such a focus on your physical health, fitness and nutrition. So, if you don't play a sport - what are you doing to look after your physical fitness? It is way easier to maintain a reasonable level of fitness than being forced to develop it in your older years at a doctor's say so. I found this informative site - Active in the Hutt. Check it out with your whānau and friends. You may find the physical activity that you were looking for.

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Loved our mascot appearing at the game on Saturday (Thanks Tom)

Leaky and mouldy building update - You will have received a detailed update from Mike Kerr, the property and finance committee chair for the Board of Trustees last week. There is a fortnightly BoT update planned. Since that time we have received more details about the Portacom Village. Work on the road required to bring the Portacoms onto campus will begin in two weeks. Infrastructure (electrical and plumbing) work has already started. We will keep you updated with progress and share more accurate timelines as soon as we can. Remedial work to temporarily repair two classrooms in B-Block is happening at the moment. If the repair works go to plan, and the Occupational Hygienist can develop a good plan involving cleaning and air filtering, we will have two additional classrooms to use soon. Remedial work is nearly complete on transforming C8 into a drama space and E3 into a music space. These spaces are a welcome relief for our performing arts teachers and students.

Market Grove Learning Hub

The Hub is going strong. Some days there are up to 140 students completing their learning at Market Grove. The Hub teachers have done a great job of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are shared morning teas and board game competitions during break times. This week the Hub staff supported Y12 and Y13 deans by having one-on-one conversations with students to check that they are on track. This will continue in the weeks to come. In addition, our regular student and staff survey is helping us align appropriate support to the student as they request it. We also welcome back Grant Shearer who is working one day a week to add additional guidance staffing for senior students.

Ngā mihi

Denise Johnson
Acting Principal

Learning Conversations - Friday 25 and Monday 28 June

Learning Conversations for all Year Levels will take place over a two day period later this Term. The conversation is between the Mentor Teacher, the student and the caregivers.

Dates available for the 2021 Learning Conversations:

  • Friday 25 June and Monday 28 June


  • At HVHS for Years 9-11, and for 12IN, 12KG, 12GO, 13KN, 13LN, 13JD, 13HM

  • At the Ministry of Education Building, 19 Market Grove (LINK) and for Years 12 and 13

    • Please note that this location is a 5-10 walk from HVHS

Booking a time:

  1. Caregivers please go to https://huttvalley.schoolpoint.co.nz/

  2. Log in using your Parent Portal username and password

  3. Click on the ‘Book your time’ button at the top of the home page, or by clicking on the Interview/Appointment Bookings menu.

  4. Select one appointment time on either Friday or Monday

  5. If you need assistance please contact the school office.

2022 Enrolments are open

Enrolments are now open for those students wishing to apply for a place in 2022.

All enrolments are to be made online. Please follow this link: 2022 Enrolments

The closing date for out of zone applications at Year 9 is Monday 26 July 2021.

The closing date for out of zone applications at Years 10-13 is Friday 15 October 2021.

Update your contact information

Have your contact details or email address changed?

Its easy to forget to advise the school when you move house, change cell phones etc, but parents/caregivers are asked to contact the school and advise us of any changes to caregivers/address/phone/email/emergency contact details. Please update us either via the parent portal or on the email address below:

Parent Portal: https://huttportal.hvhs.school.nz/index.php

Email: to principal@hvhs.school.nz

School Policy Review - Term 2 2021

The school is scheduled to review the policy for

Reporting to Parents on Student Progress and Achievement

If you would like to review this policy and provide feedback, please logon to SchoolDocs and enter our school. Login and and click on policy review. Click on the policy you wish to review and then the red Under Review icon. From there you can submit your comments.

SchoolDocs Username is hvhs, password is Adalta

Upcoming Events

  • Queen's Birthday Holiday - Monday 7 June
  • Day of Silence - Friday 11 June
  • Languages Week - 14-18 June
  • Pride Week - 21-25 June
  • Learning Conversations - Friday 25 and Monday 28 June

Knights Rd Trial Phase 2 Layout – Your feedback needed

The trial layout along Knights Rd has been amended and the school has been asked to share a feedback survey on this trial layout with our school community. Your views will help the project organisers understand the experiences of students and the school community on this new layout. Please complete the Knights Rd School Community Survey by 9am on Tuesday 8 June.