Southern Colonies


Virginia was the first attempt at an English settlement. It was set up as a charter that was supported by the Queen of England. There were three major problems that they faced when they first arrived there and that was they missed the planting window, there was a lot of disease, and they had the problem of of to many seeking riches instead of planning for survival. They suffered through periods of hunger called the starving time which ran through the winters of 1607-1608 and 1608-1609. Half of the settlers died each time this time of year rolled around. Their motto was "There was no talk... but dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold..." The Powhatan tribe was their biggest threat in the sense of war and the spread of disease.

North Carolina

North Carolina was apart of the Carolina's while they were still together and was founded by 8 supporters in 1663. In 1712 NC officially separated from SC. North Carolina consisted of poor farmers with little need for slaves. North Carolina was also known to be irreligious and have hospitable pirates. To be self sufficient North Carolina started their own thing with building and supplying boat supplies. Some of the main resources of North Carolina were tar, pitch, and turpentine.

South Carolina

South Carolina was founded in 1663. The established religion was Anglican. Many South Carolinians were from the West Indies. They brought over a few black slaves to model the Barbados slave code. By 1710 black slaves were the majority in South Carolina. South Carolina was about to flourish off of many crops but there main money makers were rice and Indigo. Rice was the primary export. A place of interest in South Carolina was the Port of Charles Town. It was named for King Charles II of England.


Georgia it was created and settled by prisoners in 1733 as kind of a buffer zone from the Spanish who had Control of Florida. Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe who was given the money by the King so that he could establish it and then invited prisoners to come over to live there in order to fight the Spanish. It was the last of the 13 colonies. Georgia's main exports were silk and wine. It was a colony that despised slavery and was determined to keep it at bay until 1750 when it first appeared. Georgia was tolerable to all Christians except Catholic's and is notorious for it's famous missionary John Wesley who worked among debtors and Indians.


Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore in 1634 who was entrusted to create Maryland as a proprietary colony. The Maryland Act of Toleration was put into place and welcomed all Christians to come and worship freely in Maryland. The established religion of Maryland was Anglican. The economy was supported by tobacco and cash crops.