Weekly RoaR

Week ending December 4, 2015

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Dec. 5 - Alyssa Stewart

Dec. 8 - Natalie Pollitte

Dates to Note

Dec. 7 - Dec. 11

Santa Shop

Family Shop Night, Dec. 10 at 5 PM

Dec. 9

Bridal Shower for Miss Monier, 3 PM

Dec. 10

PTA General Meeting & 3rd Grade Musical, 6:30 PM

Dec. 11

Musical, 7:30 AM

Dec. 15

Christmas Concert, Time TBD

Dec. 16

3rd Grade Field Trip to a play

Dec. 17

PTA Cookie Exchange

Dec. 18

Dollar Days: Tacky Sweater Day

DinoBeat, 3-4 Recognitions, 7:30 AM

Class Parties, 11:45 AM

Early Release, 12:30 PM

Maintaining High Expectations

'Tis the season to ... let things go.

I get it--you're tired. It's that time of year. It is essential for the sanity of the entire campus that you uphold high expectations for behavior (and academics, of course) for our students.

Students should travel through the hallways, silently, during the school day. We have testing in the lab, there is Read Naturally with Mrs. Elderbroom, class is taking place down every hall, and there are intervention groups in the hallways.

When we allow students to stray away from expectations in some areas, they become out of control in other areas, such as CAMP, dismissal locations, and lunch.

Thank you in advance for talking to your students.

Federal Law Update

I'm sort of a school law nerd. I love reading about it. I know--shocker.

There's a new piece of legislation that has been written, and it passed through the House this week. It is a pretty big deal for education. Basically, it takes the place of NCLB. The possible new law is called the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA. The bill will now head to the US Senate, and it is expected to pass with no problem. It will then be signed in by President Obama. It's a more conservative bill, but I think he is expected to sign it in.

Here's an EdWeek blog about ESSA.

Here's an article I read this week that was posted Dec. 2.

Have a great weekend!

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