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I hope that everyone has had a wonderful break and are ready to go with using technology in your classroom and creating more engaging online classes. The newsletter will be constantly changing to include:

  • New Web 2.0 Tools to use and how to use them
  • Dates for upcoming Technology Workshops
  • Informational Links
  • Fun and useful tips and much, much more!

January's Technology PD Topics

January 19, 2016* VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS

Creating virtual office hours with Blackboard Collaborate and Google Hangout.


Screencasting with Kaltura (My Media) in D2L.

*Dates may change pending data from surveys!!!

Revamping Technology Tuesday

I am looking to increase participation for Technology Tuesdays and to incorporate a lot of the feedback received during some of the workshops.

Feedback received:

  • "Workshops should be longer than 20 minutes."
  • "Workshops should be more hands-on where we are actually allowed time to really use the tools."
  • "I would love to be able to create something while here, because once I leave, I hardly have time to use the tool."

In order to do this, I am collecting more data on what works best for you. If you have not done so already, please take a little bit of your time and complete the Technology Professional Development Survey below.

Workshop topics from last semester are below. Some of them I will be doing again due to requests:

  • Google Forms
  • Blending Your Classroom with Blackboard Collaborate
  • Creating with Smore
  • Creating Fillable Forms with Adobe
  • WebQuests
  • Collaborating with Google Drives
  • Flipping Your Classroom with D2L
  • Creating Quizzes in D2L
  • Adding Interactive Rubrics in D2L

Web Tool of the Month: Kaltura (My Media)

Kaltura (better known as My Media in D2L) is the newest tool for faculty members to use. This tool allows you to upload media, create a webcam recording, or complete a screencast. My Media is great for:

  • Creating an introduction or welcome message and/or video and including it on your front page
  • Recording an entire lecture or lesson to share with your class
  • Recording Just-in-Time audio/video messages for assignments and/or feedback
  • Recording how-to videos and/or explanations of difficult topics

And much more!

Media created using My Media can be inserted/submitted to any area of D2L such as News, Content, Feedback, Dropbox, Quizzes/Surveys, Discussions, and ePortfolios.

Join me in January to learn more about what this technology integration tool can do for you and your classes!

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NEW Website!!

No, it's not the official ASU website(lol :), but I have created one that should be of great use to you. Visit the new ASU COLLEGE OF ED. TECH RESOURCES website!!! This site will contain overviews of new technology tools, presentations, project ideas, tutorials, handouts, and more!!! Save it as a favorite, because you will be visiting this site everyday!!!

Head over and let me know what you think and/or what should be added!


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Takeebie Jefferson

Albany State University

College of Education

Director of Online Learning and Technical Support