End of the Year News from 4th Grade

Week of 5/22 - end of the year

News at a Glance

  • We will be completing DRAs in reading this week to see the progress we've made during the school year.
  • Our last day of school is June 7th, it will be an early dismissal day.
  • There is no school on Monday, May 29th, due to Memorial Day.
  • We will have our end-of-the-year party on Tuesday, June 6th - if you are able to donate items for our gift basket prizes it would be greatly appreciated!! Prizes are given to students for winning the reading contest and there are also raffle prize opportunities for students who have reached their goal. Please see below for more information.
  • We will be watching Holes on Monday, June 5th.

What we're learning in the final days of school!



We will continue our Journey's curriculum to keep as much routine as possible. However, we will not be giving quizzes next week.


We have been doing Holes as a read aloud in class. On Monday, June 5th we will watch the movie with 4th grade and do cumulative activities that go with the story.



We are working on some pre-algebra skills in game format (who knew we were actually LEARNING!). Examples of problems include 5 + ___ = 13, where students have to find out the blank. We've been practicing this skill with all four operations.

Negative Values

We have been learning and practicing when and where we see and use negative values in real life. It has been very basic so far with vocabulary and real-world applications.


We have continued our multiplication and division fluency!! This is a HUGE skill that is applicable to all grade levels.


We will continue working on our STEAM projects until the end of the school year. We are currently working on building a flashlight using our electricity circuit materials. Once this is completed, we will work on smaller projects such as working in a team to build the highest noodle tower. These projects are great for problem-solving, team work, and science/math application. Thanks for all your help bringing things in from home!


We have been learning cursive (very quickly). Cursive is no longer required to be taught, however the students were very eager to learn it and I do think it is important for them to write their name so they can sign documents in real life. We have been learning 3 letters a day (crazy fast) and will start writing sentences and paragraphs next week.
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Chorus Concert

Thank you to all parents who came out to support our students in Chorus and Music Club! The kids put on a spectacular performance!!

End of the Year Party

When is the Party and Can I Come Help?

Our end of the year party will be held on Tuesday, June 6th from 2:00-3:30. We will have snacks, play games and give away prizes for our reading contest! If you would like to come in or send in a snack with your child, please use the sign-up genius below!


Reading Contest Prizes

This trimester, students have been reading pages for a reading contest again the class! I will be giving "prize baskets" to students who were in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Our goal was to read 700 pages this trimester. If students read 700 pages or more, they will be put in a raffle to win smaller prizes!

I would LOVE any donations you could give for prize baskets! Please send any items in with your child before Monday, June 5th. Here are some ideas for prizes:

  • fun pencils, erasers, markers, stickers, etc.
  • Movie tickets
  • If you work for the Hershey Company (cough cough) and could get passes or food coupons.
  • Books! Magazines!
  • Dollar store items!
  • Fun things for summer (sunglasses, bubbles, chalk, etc.)
  • Palmyra gear
  • Small toys (figet spinners, fidget cubes, bubbles, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Candy
  • Basket

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Toby loves summer too!

Toby has also had a great first year in 4th grade!! Thank you again to all the families who helped take care of him over holiday breaks! Toby will be spending the month of June with the Stroik family, and the month of July with me, my husband and our two dogs (we'll see how this goes!). If you would like to make arrangements to take Toby home over the summer just email Mrs. LeBlanc! I'm happy to have you take him for a few days or more if you would like to come pick him up in Hummelstown!
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Mrs. LeBlanc

Have a great summer and feel free to stay in touch! I look forward to seeing everyone when they're in 5th grade!!