Policy Reviews

2 September 2022

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Dear Parents/Caregivers

This term the school board is reviewing the policies listed below:

Student Wellbeing and Safety

Sun Protection

If you would like to send us feedback or share your thoughts or ideas about these policies, please follow the instructions below.

Our policies are able to be viewed through our school website. To access them, follow these steps:

1. Follow the link from the school website https://farmcove.school.nz/policies-and-procedures which will take you to the SchoolDocs site.

2. Search for Farm Cove Intermediate School

3. Enter username: farmcove and password: inclusion

4. Search for the policy you wish to view and send feedback about

5. To place your feedback, click on the red UNDER REVIEW box on the righthand side of the policy.

We appreciate your support.

Kind regards

Ludwig Worrall-Bader

Deputy Principal

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