Hawker-Shipley Newsletter

December 4, 2015

What's Up in the Classroom


Students have been working on determining the main idea of a non-fiction text. They are using the GIST model to pull out the who, what, where, why, how and when questions. They take this information and write a summary.

REMINDER:Students should be completing one READ THEORY activity every day. Please have them show you! Also, please make sure to sign the reading log each night!


We are working on writing essays. You will hear the term boxes and bullets in planning of the essays. We put the main idea/or thesis in the box and the bullets are the reasons with details. See the pictures below for example drafts.


Students have been doing a wonderful job dividing but we felt like we needed more practice when it came to interpreting remainders, writing equations and estimating equations. Since our next unit is equations and word problems, we want to make sure the students are properly prepared.

Click this link for a division tutorial


Students are having a blast with our electricity unit! So far they've learned the meaning of a circuit and built one. They also learned about insulators and conductors and tested 15 various items to determine if they were insulators or conductors.

Here are some examples of each:

conductors: metal, tin, water, brass

insulators: glass, ceramic, wood

We have completed 8 lessons . These are listed in schoology.


Students should look and see if they have ELA and Math Scootpads each night!

Notes From the Teacher

  • The concert was excellent! Thank you to Ms. Duhaime for a preparing our students!
  • Field trip next Thursday! Bring a lunch or order one from the cafeteria! Please sign up with the link above!
  • Thank you to all who donated to the Giving Tree this week! All donations are due December 11th. I have included the list above.
  • Gently used or new books are still being collected by student council until December 11th.
December 11 K‐4 Early Release Day ‐1:20 PM

December 23‐31 No School ‐ Winter Break
January 1 No School ‐ Winter Break

January 4 School Resumes

January 21 2nd Quarter