Summer 2017 Mathematics

Professional Learning Opportunities

HIgh Quality Learning and Collaboration

Oakland Schools offers a variety of quality professional learning opportunities. This flier lists opportunities for summer 2017 including opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school teachers in JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST. Please follow the links within particular items for more detailed information.

Elementary School

Elementary Fractions Content Institute

This series is designed to deepen teachers’ and/or administrators' understanding of the development of fractions across grades 1 through 5. There will be an emphasis placed on the content described in Michigan’s Mathematics Standards for grades 3 through 5, including the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Educators will actively engage in mathematical tasks selected to highlight the ways in which students’ understanding of fractions is expected to deepen and extend over time. As participants work and learn together, they will consider the interplay between the mathematical content and the instructional strategies we use to help students learn that content.

  • JUNE 26, 27, & 28, 2017
  • Registration $70 for Oakland County Teachers/$90 for out of county
  • Stipends are available for Oakland County Teachers
  • Colleagues are encouraged to attend together as a team (e.g. general education and special education teams, grad band teams, etc.).
  • To register CLICK HERE

Add+Vantage Math Recovery® Course 1 (AVMR 1)

Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) Course 1 focuses on the use of data to inform whole classroom and small group instruction. Educators learn to use a set of common, interview-based assessments. Learning experiences then address how to analyze these assessment data and use them to make instructional choices that are appropriate for students’ current levels of numeracy understanding. Content addressed in Add+VantageMR® Course 1 includes:

  • Number Words & Numerals
  • Structuring Numbers
  • Addition & Subtraction to 20

AVMR is beneficial for anyone working or supervising others in the area of mathematics. It is most appropriate for pre-kindergarten through elementary educators, as well as for middle school educators who work with students that have fallen at least two years behind standards.

Please note: Attending and participating in all four days of this series is required. Full completion of AVMR Course 1 is a prerequisite to AVMR Course 2.

  • August 2-3; September 20-21, 2017
  • Registration $500 per educator (Oakland County only)
  • Stipends available for August 2 and 3, 2017
  • For registration CLICK HERE

A repeat of this course will be offered on the following dates: October 18-19; November 8-9, 2017. Registration information to follow.

Elementary School Computer Science

Oakland Schools welcomes to facilitate this one-day workshop for K-5 educators interested in computer science. The workshop introduces participants to Courses 1-3 from and provides supplies needed to teach the courses.

  • August 14, 2017
  • Registration is FREE to Oakland County Educators (registration opens to out of county educators on July 14th)
  • For more information including registration CLICK HERE

MATH (SDI) Specially Designed Instruction - Conventional Learners

Participants will engage in mathematical tasks, collaborative lesson and assessment planning for Conventional math students with disabilities who take the alternate assessment (Functional/Supported levels). Routines and classroom ready resources will be shared. Please see our other SDI math course for Emergent learners in November or March if your students have complex, moderate, or severe disabilities. This course compliments the Math Trajectories for Alternate Assessment and Math Foundations courses but any special educator seeking to enhance mathematics instruction for their students may participate. Teachers will receive math manipulatives, classroom ready materials and may be eligible for a stipend.

  • Summer option: August 3, 2017 8am - 3pm Oakland Schools

    School year option: October 24, 2017 8am - 3pm Oakland Schools
  • Register through the Oakland Schools Professional Development page. for the August date now.
  • $15 for Oakland County educators and $142 for others

Trajectories for Alternate Assessment

This two day course introduces participants to the early learning math trajectories for numeracy and geometry concepts. Participants receive an assessment kit with manipulatives and ongoing free access to assessment charts, tasks, and shared instructional resources via miPLACE. The focus is on K-12 alternate standards for mathematics and classroom instruction that supports students who have moderate, complex, or severe impairments (Participation, Supported, and Functional level students).

Teachers can extend their learning by signing up for the Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) MATH for Emergent or Conventional learners as a follow-up to this course.

  • Register through the Oakland Schools Professional Development page.
  • Summer option: August 7th and 8th, 8:00 AM - 3:00PM
  • or Save the date for the school year option: 12/5/17 and 2/6/18
  • $30 for Oakland County educators with stipends or sub reimbursement provided and $230 for those outside of Oakland County with no stipends or sub reimbursement provided.

Middle School

Ratio and Proportion

Ratios and proportions are critical content for students to develop in the middle grades. In this three-day course, participants will collaboratively engage in tasks that illustrate important components of proportional reasoning, the development of ideas across grades, and typical misconceptions that become barriers to understanding.

  • July 19, 20, 21, 2017
  • $60 registration for Oakland County educators; $80 for out of county
  • For more information including registrations CLICK HERE.

Connected Mathematics

This grade-level specific professional learning is designed to help teachers fully and effectively implement Connected Mathematics. Professional learning begins in August to give teachers insights into starting the school year. It then continues throughout the school year to provided continued "in time" support and collaboration.

  • Registration for Oakland County educators for each grade level: $180/Out-of-County fee for each grade level: $220
  • Grade 6: Aug. 15, 2017, Oct. 3, 2017, Nov. 1, 2017, Dec. 5, 2017, Feb. 1, 2018, Mar. 20, 2018
  • Grade 7: Aug. 16, 2017, Oct. 12, 2017, Nov. 7, 2017, Dec. 7, 2017, Feb. 6, 2018, Mar. 22, 2018
  • Grade 8: Aug. 29, 2017, Oct. 5, 2017, Nov. 9, 2017, Dec. 12, 2017, Feb. 8, 2018, Mar. 28, 2018
  • For more information including registration CLICK HERE.

High School

Algebraic Modeling

The goal of workshop gives teachers an opportunity to explore algebraic modeling skills that are widely applicable to real-world decision contexts. These skills and associated math tasks can be integrated into existing courses or work collectively as an elective mathematics course.

Who should attend on July 13, 2017?

  • high school mathematics teachers
  • teachers interested in exploring an option for a 4th year mathematics course
  • teachers looking for interesting tasks that can answer, "When are we ever going to use this?"
  • teachers who were waitlisted to AMP21 training this spring

Click here for more information and registration.

High School Mathematics Institute

Increasing Understanding and Access to Algebraic Functions

This two-day institute is designed to illustrate how teachers can launch an Algebra 1 course with lessons that equip students with strategies and tools to study and build enduring understanding of functions throughout the course.

  • August 2 - 3, 2017
  • $60 registration for Oakland County educators; $80 for out of county
  • Oakland County educators receive a stipend of $100/day.
  • For more information including registration CLICK HERE