7/8 Grade Library

November 17, 2014

Weekly Schedule

Monday: 8th Science during B6

Tuesday: Library closes at 11:30

Thursday: Library closes at 11:30

**If you want to order from the Books Are Fun display in the teachers' lounge, I need your money and order ASAP. I will be faxing in that order this morning.

Latest resource material

I'll be glad to send these to you.

The Educator's Perfect Thanksgiving Recipe:

1) Books

There is no perfect measurement for this. Combine a little fiction with a dash of nonfiction. I've discovered that the more of each that you use --the better.

2) Technology

As we all wait for RCSD to go one-to-one, we must make do with the number of devices that we have. As a reminder, that consists of approximately 75 Mac computers, 25 Dell computers, 13 IPads, and countless Smartphones amongst students. We, as educators, must think outside of the box to overcome shortages; hence, last week's message on QR codes. Let me know how else I can help in this area!

3) Other resources

This third option gives you unlimited opportunities.

a) Magazines--I attempt to supply these. I would love your input as to whether you are satisfied with our selections or if you would like to see changes. I encourage any feedback!

b) Databases--Luckily, RCSD supplies most of these. I have added the web search option to Destiny Quest, which is awesome! It is a "MUST USE" if you are conducting research. I will be glad to help you and your students access it.

c) Newsprints--I have subscriptions to News for You. Unfortunately, they haven't been accessed very much this year. I will not renew this one next year UNLESS usage to it picks up soon!

d) DVDs--I have many; although, many more are needed. Let me know your needs, and I will do my best to assist.

e) websites-One of my go-to websites is Youtube. Let me know some of your favorites, and I will feature it in an upcoming newsletter.

4) Students

Do not think for one minute that they do not notice what we do for them. Imagine the green and gold on the following video to be red and black. The names and faces may be different, but the love is the same.

5) Teachers

This may be the most powerful ingredient to this recipe. Teachers provide the purpose, plan, and motivation for learning. The following You Tube video motivates me to do my best to meet students' needs.

As a recap, here is your formula for the educator's perfect Thanksgiving feast!

books+technology+other resources+students+teachers=Learning
Thankful for Teachers

For this third week of November, the BMS library is thankful for its teachers! Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Electives...we are all one staff. The library would not exist without you. Thanks for all that you do, and remember that I am here to help you! Happy Thanksgiving!