Latin Pop Artist


'' And the Latin Grammy Award winner for Best Latin Music is.......... SHAKIRA!!!!!!''

Let me tell a little something about my favorite singer and actor Shakira who is my good role model about following your dreams no matter what this world says to make give up on achiving YOUR DREAMS.

Life as a young singer

Shakira has always been a song writter and perfomer since the age of 11 during a singing contest. Her first song to perform was a break-up/ romance song to share a little about relationships. Eversince she started to perform at the age of 16.
Shakira cantando a los 11 años

Shakira: then and now

Shakira as a baby , 11 year old, 25 year old, and now at age 38.


The Voice

Couple of songs written by her/with other people

shakira whenever wherever lyrics
Shakira - Hips Don't Lie (LYRICS) -- FULL HD --
Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown

Bye bye!

Now that you have learned happy facts about her and her life, here is a sad story:

'' When Shakira was only two,one of her older half-sibling was killed in a motorcycle at the age of 8.'' Very sad : (. Thank you for your time to hear about her. Also make sure to see my flyer and share it with other people.. BYE!)