Christmas in Lebanon

Mariana Rodriguez

Tradition in Lebanon

In Lebanon 35% of the population follows a form of Christianity called Maronite Catholic. These Christians build manger scenes in their homes called a Native Crib. The Crib is more popular than a Christmas tree. It is traditional for the scene to be based around a cave rather than a stable.

What I like more

What I like more is the decoration and lights they put during Christmas time

Labanon flag

Lebanon continent Asia

Fairuz Christmas Song


- The crib is more popular than the Christmas tree.

- Christmas parties are held in the major hotel.

- Visit other people houses during Christmas period.

- They put lights and decoration during Christmas

- Sometime for some people it is popular to put Christmas tree

interesting fact

It is a tradition that the largest bell in the church is rung four times in the half hour before midnight.

Merry Christmas

In Lebanon you say Merry Christmas as Glorious Birth Feast