Andrew Jackson - Hero or Zero?

Natalie Janda - 3rd period

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina refused to pay the tariffs of 1828 and 1832. So Jackson created the Force Bill, where he could also use armies to force South Carolina to pay the taxes. South Carolina didn't agree with this, so they threatened to secede from from the U.S. In response Jackson lowered the tax and South Carolina agreed to pay, and then they passed the Compromise Tax.

Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears is the 800 mile journey the Indians took when the government took their land. In order to take their land, the Indians got exchanged a new place to live. During the trail, one fourth of the Indians died due to disease or harsh weather.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson felt as if National Banks only helped the wealthy white men. So in honor of the poor men he shut down the National Bank. He vowed that he'd kill the bank before they killed him.
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Political Cartoon

This cartoon accused Jackson of using too much of his powers and breaking the constitutions rules. He acted as if he was a king and that may have ruined some peoples perspective on him.
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Letter from the Cherokee

I don't understand why you would make me and my family leave our home. Not only are we losing what we worked up to, but we have to find another place to start. My kids are getting sick, my wife can't hardly walk anymore due to the harsh weather and carrying our children. All we want is our land and our things back, PLEASE help us!

Letter from the Frontiersman

Thank you Mr. President from giving us more land to farm. We greatly appreciate you using your full potential to help us. Not only does it give us more space, but has better soil to farm with and more gold to dig. We feel terrible for the Indians that had to leave, but were really interested in the inventory they left behind.