Kindergarten "Hoppenings"

Ms. Williams' class January 8th, 2016

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • January 15th - End of the 2nd Nine Weeks

  • January 18th - MLK Jr. Holiday - No School

  • January 19th-Teacher workday-No school for students

  • January 20th-22nd - No Name Calling Week
  • January 22nd - PTO Variety Show Casting Call - 2:30-3:30 pm (Cafeteria)
  • January 22nd-Dress for Wacky Tacky day!

Now that they weather is getting colder, please send your child with a coat, hat, gloves/mittens for recess. Unless it is below freezing or a strong windchill we do go out for recess and sometimes PE.

Please remember to check your child's homework/notes folder daily


This week, we started a unit on winter. The children will learn what animals do in the winter (hibernate, grow thick fur, find food), discuss winter weather, what happens to plants in the winter and winter sports. We were also excited to get to run around in the snow for a few minutes this morning!


Today, we wrote about the month of January! It looks like we love to play in the snow. The children are becoming such great writers! They enjoy writing time, sharing their writing, publishing class books and soon will be making their own books.


Today during guidance time, the children listened to a book called Tattle Tongue. It is about a boy who is learning when he needs the teacher's help with a problem and when to try and solve it himself. Next week, the students will be learning different strategies to use when solving problems that arise with their friends. They then made their own tattle tongues!


During math time, the students are learning to use different strategies, such as counting on when adding, instead of starting at one. They practice this with games such as roll and record, racing bears, collect 15 and double compare. Next week we will be exploring number combinations and how to solve addition story problems.


We learned about penguins today! We listened to non-fiction and fiction stories about penguins. Then the children used the Scholastic Let's Find Out magazine to learn even more facts about penguins. We learned that penguins can be different sizes, don't fly but are good swimmers and live in hot and cold places. They then made for our bulletin board. penguins See the link below for more information. If needed the password is the website box below.

Websites that we use! username-crozet, password-star click sign in, click student, password-crozetk2015 reading website (click on the link and then click on your child's name)