The Bomb

Book Written By Theodore Taylor


Sorry and his village lived on an island that was going to be near a test site for a bomb. The US forced them to leave , and even Sorry had to leave. When they left they felt very sad because they had been there for a very long time. Even Sorry felt sad because he has been there all his life. At his home there was plenty of food, but at the island that they were on there was not a lot of food there to eat. Sorry was trying to stop the bomb with a boat painted red. If you want to find out what is going to happen to Sorry with the bomb. Read to see how it be came a test site for a bomb.


You got to do something when you don't want to do it. Sorry had to move to a different island, but he did not want to move to an island. He has been there for a long time. How would you feel when you leave every thing behind, and you might not go back for a long time.

Online summary

After WWII, the U.S went to an island named Bikini Atoll. They moved people out of the surrounding islands before the test. The U.S did 23 nuclear bomb tests there. There are still ships in the water and the platform that the bomb exploded on. The first bomb there was 7,000 times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb that the U.S dropped on Japan to make Japan surrender.

The writer and the online site

The book said that there was just one bomb that was dropped. The online site said that there was more than just one test.The first test took a long time because of shipping people off of the surrounding islands, material, and the people that need to work on the site that the bomb was dropped on. The website said that the test there, and the witnesses that saw it might of started the Cold War. The first test made life impossible.

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