The Battle of Santiago de Cuba

By Caitlin McLoud

When and where the battle took place

The battle took place on July 3rd, 1898 at Santiago, Cuba. The battle was both a naval and land battle. The naval battle took place in the Santiago Harbor. The land battle took place along the San Juan Hill. Aside is a made of Santiago de Cuba

Key leaders: America

In the naval battle, William T. Sampson led the Iowa, Indiana, and New York battleships. Captain Charles F. Clark led the Oregon, and Commodore Winfield Scott Schley commanded the flying squadron. On land, The Rough Riders were decidedly the heros of this battle. They were the first voluntary cavalry in America and gave Teddy Roosevelt his fame. Aside is a picture of Roosevelt.

Key leaders: Spain

Pascual Cervera y Topete lead spain in the battle of Santiago de Cuba. He was sent to break the U.S. blockade but failed. He ended up being captured as a prisoner of war. He was later returned and died a hero in Spain's eyes. Below is a picture of Pascual Cervera y Topete.
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What happened during the battle

There were two parts to the battle: land and sea. In the sea, America's navy battle Spain's when the Spanish tried to break America's blockade in Santiago harbour. The much more memorable Battle of San Juan Hill, was the land part of the battle. Major Generals Shafter and Wheeler led America's 14,000 men against the outnumbered Spanish up the San Juan Hill. Among the men fighting were the Rough Riders.

Who won?

America won the battle very easily. America had better ships, weapons, and more men. Aside is a picture of the American flag also known as the best flag in the whole wide world.

The battle that ended the war

The battle of Santiago de Cuba was seen as the battle to end the war. With America blocking off all supplies to Cuba from the Spanish, the Spanish were no longer able to control Cuba. It is also seen as the battle that finally drove Spain out of the new world.

Pictures of the battle