CLDE Instr. Coach Menu of Services

Inés Stabler, CLDE Instructional Coach

Inés is responsible for providing instructional coaching, modeling and effective feedback to teachers and leaders. Here are some of the things she does, with a full list found here.

  • Model effective instructional strategies
  • Partner with teachers to support CLD student achievement.
  • Facilitate and promote authentic collaboration between stakeholders
  • Collaborate in the review and transformation of current practices
  • Conduct and/or facilitate professional development activities
  • Analyze and disseminate student data to identify resources to meet CLD student needs

Services Inés Offers

  • Coaching (modeling, brainstorming, feedback, resource locator)
  • TELL implementation
  • Special Education support (pulling comparative data)
  • Professional development facilitating and recommendations

How To Order From the Menu

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