President Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? An actual hero!


Good Old Hickory

Jackson was name "Old Hickory" because of toughness and combative personality, He wanted everything done the right way, which happens to be his way!

War of 1812 - Battle of New Orleans

Jackson fought for our country in the War of 1812 even after we the war ended! This proves that he is willing to do anything for his beloved country. This attribute is hard to find in Presidents, which makes Jackson one of a kind!

Jacksonian Democracy - Expansion of Suffrage

His strong candidacy gave the idea to the states to expand suffrage among all white men. Suffrage went from "wealthy white man" to the "common white man." This changes history for everyone, including Jackson who won his election, 2 consecutive terms in a row.

jackson kills the devil's bank

Jackson had many logical reasons to kill the 2nd National Bank. One of the main reasons was that it was making "the rich richer." Jackson was know as the "common white man," and the idea of making the wealthy people wealthier mad Jackson seriously mad. Although very hard, Andrew Jackson successfully killed the 2nd National Bank. The country was once again equal.
About Jackson

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