Shannon Gilman

My Personality


I am the color blue. The color blue means that you are conservative, reliable, trustworthy, and have a deep need to be trusted. 

My Strengths

My strenghths are that I am loving, dependable, willing, warm hearted and sympathetic.

The Porcupine

My animal is the Porcupine. The Porcupine has an over-abudance of attitude. It adapts to taking advantage of others mistakes and has trouble functioning succesfully in social situations. It is harder to perform tasks with a lot of people aroud. The porcupine prefers jobs that reward individual effort.

Careers and Hobbies

Careers and hobbies of the Porcupine are most likely a collections agent, politician, painting, movie making, and photography.

My Influence

My influence in this class is that I am good at helping others and although I usually like to work alone, this subject could help me get use to doing more group activities.