Ever wanted to burn down your high school? What if you actually did it? Sixteen years ago P.B.'s father went to prison for burning down his school. Now that he is out of prison will P.B. be able to forgive his father for his life long absence, or will P.B. make the same mistakes that led to the school fire?well, this book takes place in the 1980s or 1990s and is about a 16 year old kid named P.B. P.B is going through some bad times because his dad is in jail for somthing that P.B doesnt know about. this book takes place in diffrent places but mostly at a school and in the woods also in a few diffrent proporties. the authers names are Magenta Periwinkle and Keli Chaffin megenta periwinkle is the auther of the book cutting class. She lives in Texas with her three cats and hopes to someday own a monkey. Keli has two useless bachelor's degrees, one in Photography and one in Psychology. She works in a psychologist office and thinks she has some idea about the workings of the human psyche.