Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



16 Cycle Day 8

PTO Meeting (Parent/Board) 6:30-8

17 Cycle Day 9

BLT Meeting 7:30

18 Cycle Day 10

PBIS Meeting 2:30

19 Cycle Day 1

20 Cycle Day 2

First Grade Apple Day


23 All School Assembly 8:35

24 Prof Dev/Gifford Cluster 7:30

25 Kindergarten Hearing Screening (details/time TBD)

9/23 -9/26 Kindness Week (invite new staff in fall)

25 5th Grade Outdoor Education Day (Aune)

Patrice from Costco/EP Staff Lounge 7:00 952-943-4848

26 Two Hour Early Release Day K-12

30 Kindergarten Breakfast or Ice Cream Social

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9



*Thank you, Jane, for putting together our first grade directory!

*Thank you, EL, intervention, speech and SPED teachers for being so flexible and understanding with scheduling! YOU ALL ROCK!!

*Thank you, Becky, for being on top of organizing our first grade finances! ☺

*Jen- thank you for your ideas during PLC.

*Third Grade thanks for a great first PLC meeting.

*Tim, thank you for formatting our spreadsheets☺

*Thank you to Jeanne and Becky for keeping amazing 1st grade unit plans last year!

*Thank you Martie for planning and organizing our 4th grade assembly and Character Ed book!!!

*Thank you Charlotte for all of the resources!

*Luci you are an amazing addition to our team!

*Schlep thank you for always being a helpful hand!

*Hengel thank you for being a great PLC lead!

*Boumeester, thank you for being you. Your warm, inclusive heart has been so appreciated. Your laugh is infectious and brightens my day!! :)

*Kevin, thank you for your understanding! I sure am lucky I get to work for you!!

*Anglin, Boumeester, Hengel, Schleper, & Drill – thank you for the laughs! It does help lower stress!

*Krissy, oh my gosh! I haven’t seen SNL for ages – you knew the perfect clip!! #tortoises

*Wendy & Kathy – your patience and smiles are appreciated!!

*VB-thank you for getting all of our Tier Time materials ready for this week!

*Thanks to everyone who helped in the lunchroom. Kindergarteners are getting a little better every day.

*Chris Walberg is a ROCK STAR! I gave him basically 2 hours to “fix” half of my classroom iPads and he delivered with a smile. Thank you, Chris!!!

*Martie, the Character Education books are top notch. I am loving them!

*Thank you to Schleper for getting a history speaker for our grade level—this will be so cool!

*Luci, it was you who suggested beginning-of-the-year breakout boxes for our kiddos to practice building community. What a great idea!

*Natalie, thank you for getting the break out boxes ready for us and coming to talk to our team. *This will be fun! Also, thank you for your help with the iPad roll out. Your patience is extraordinary.

*Boumeester, thank you also for your help cutting apart the clues for the breakout boxes, for updating our display case, for sending us parent letter templates, and a thousand other “little things” that have not gone unnoticed. The math calendar is a BIG THING and that is also appreciated.

*Charlotte, it feels like coming home to have you back on our team. Thanks for your great ideas and offering to share the many resources you have created.

DLC Quick Tip - Seesaw

Please make sure that your classes are published and parent access is turned on so that parents are seeing the updates you and your students are posting. :-) You can check your class settings by clicking on the 🔧 wrench in the top right-hand corner of your Seesaw class.

Getting students into Seesaw as you start the year is a great way to build their knowledge of this powerful tool in your classroom to capture their learning AND communicate home with parents.

If you have not checked out the Seesaw Activity library, there are amazing pre-made activities for every grade level and subject area including

Here are a few links that you may find useful to learn about your students and get them familiar with the Seesaw tools.

I plan to host a few optional Seesaw refresher meetings in the first couple weeks of school to highlight Seesaw Activities, how to organize them for your curriculum, and give you ideas for using them to collect formative assessment data.



9/8 Candace Rotert

9/26 Theresa Felker

9/27 Stacy Brock

10/2 Char Konietzko

10/4 Amy Rutter

10/4 Keri Vold

10/5 Jane Rosholt

10/6 Deb Arterbury

10/7 Angela Gehlhoff

10/15 Pete Orchard

10/18 Trudy Gunderson

10/20 Kailey Otting

10/25 Nicole Lightfoot

10/28 Charlotte Leonard

10/31 Betsi Arvin